Communication modules


Intrinsically safe network switch IPS-1 is multiport device that connects segments of intrinsically safe computer network by fiber optic lines and

transfers the frames between segments using packet switching for receiving, processing and forwarding data to the destination device. IPS-1 allows expansion and changing the topology of the network.

IPS-1 switch is approved for using in the areas susceptible to firedamp or dust explosion in compliance with the following Ex marking: I M1 Ex ia op is I Ma

and has been designed for using in mines, both outside firedamp areas and in “a”, “b”, “c” type zones susceptible to firedamp and in “A”, “B” type zones susceptible to coal dust.

Every of the 5 available ports may be configured as one of the three types:

  • A: 100Base-FX WDM single mode, 1550 nm transmitter, 1310 nm receiver
  • B: FXWDM 100Base-FX WDM (one single-mode fibre optic cable TX 1310 nm/RX 1550 nm)
  • C: FX 100Base-FX(two single-mode fibre optic cables TX i RX 1310 nm)

Oznaczenie wersji portów komunikacyjnych:

  • Wersja A portu dla trybu A
  • Wersja B portu dla trybu B
  • Wersja C portu dla trybu C


  • Expansion of the Ethernet network and change its topology
  • Signal regeneration
  • Galvanic separation of the data transmission lines