Measuring instruments


Handheld vane anemometer RAW is a versatile instrument for measuring or recording air velocity, volume flow and temperature in industrial applications.

Intrinsically safe version may be used in potentially explosive atmospheres (gases and dust) in compliance with the following marking:

I M 1 Ex ia I Ma

II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 (T 71ºC) Ga

II 1 D Ex ia IIC T4 (T 71ºC) Da

and has been designed for using in mines, both outside firedamp areas, in “a”, “b”, “c” type zones susceptible to firedamp and in “A”, “B” type zones susceptible to coal dust explosion.

Thanks to very low power consumption the maximum time of continuous operation of the device reaches 180 hours, after charging the batteries.


  • Instantaneous and average gas flow rate.
  • Volumetric flow calculation.
  • Flow averaging from 2 s to 16 h.
  • Temperature measurement with 0,1°C resolution.
  • Flow logging up to 170 h
  • Temperature logging up to 170 h
  • Minimum 180 h of continuous operation after full charging of batteries.


  • Measurements of ventilation in the mining plants.
  • Measurements of air flow rate in Z0 and Z20 gas and/or dust explosion zones: laboratory and industrial fume exhaust of hazardous substances (varnishes, gases, vapors of flammable liquids).
  • HVAC inspections
  • Pipeline nad vent inspections.